Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Protestor: Miley Cyrus is Going to Hell!

The hate-filled crazies are back.
In July, at an Adam Lambert concert in San Jose, a group of protestors rallied outside and chanted about the singer's homosexuality. It was a pathetic display of close-minded bigotry.
Now, in the same city, the awful human beings have returned. This time, their target is Miley Cyrus.
Presumably because the singer wears revealing clothing, one man actually taunted a bevy of Miley's fans and screamed: Ask your parents where you're going when you die. Miley is going to Hell when she dies

We wish we were kidding. See for yourself

The Hollywood Gossip has made no secret of our disdain for Miley. She can be an incredibly self-centered, obnoxious individual.
But we don't wish any harm on the young celebrity. We certainly don't want her to rot in the fiery pits of Hell for all of eternity. That's just cruel.
As for the man above, however? We would pay to see him banished to a lifetime of watching Cyrus whine about her gigantic closet on an endless loop.
What do you think would be an apt punishment for this mean-spirited individual?

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